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Michelle Herscu, CPA, MBA

The founder of MLHC, Michelle Herscu is a licensed Chartered Professional Accountant, business advisor, and former chief financial officer.

Passionate about partnering with small businesses to understand their financial picture and boost their bottom line, the former economist fell in love with accounting while working in an investment firm.

Impressed by the professionalism and integrity of her CPA colleagues, she decided to follow suit and, in the process, found her life’s vocation, progressing to the roles of comptroller and CFO before launching her own chartered accountancy, MLHC.

Today, the self-proclaimed numbers geek brings her strong work ethic and focus on exceptional customer service to her small business clients, taking pride in answering all queries within the day and going above and beyond to help your business thrive.

Financial results are like a puzzle, says the MBA graduate. Once you analyze what makes up the puzzle, you see how changing the pieces can change performance. It’s about more than taxes and keeping the books. It’s about staying on top of the big picture and improving it.

In her spare time, Michelle volunteers as a board member and treasurer for Kids Come First Daycare. She is the proud mother of two amazing children.