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Founder of Ninny's Napkins

When Nicole started working with MLHC, she was looking for support with her bookkeeping. She had a difficult time keeping track of her numbers and inventory, and as a result, had a hard time knowing if she was making or losing money.


After working with the team at MLHC, Nicole…

  • Has her books completely brought up to date

  • Understands her numbers and knows how her business is performing at any given moment

  • Has a clean inventory & streamlines her service with A2X

  • Successfully incorporated her business!

“I can't say enough about Michelle and her team. When I found MLHC my bookkeeping was a complete mess, and I was pulling my hair out. Michelle was so patient and sorted it all out, and now I feel so relieved knowing we are organized, and I can rely on the numbers I see. Michelle is also a pleasure to work with and responds to my inquiries quickly and thoroughly. She is a vital part of my business, we couldn't do this without her.”

— Nicole


CEO of Rocket Surgery Solutions

When Nick started working with MLHC, he was doing his bookkeeping manually through excel spreadsheets and didn’t have a clear picture on how his company was doing. He was owed a large sum of money back from his corporation, and was not yet put on payroll. He needed a more efficient accounting system that was low-hassle, and gave him an accurate forecast for his business.


After working with the team at MLHC, Nick…

  • Has his monthly bookkeeping set up and fully caught up to speed in Quickbooks

  • Knows exactly where his numbers are at any given moment

  • Has started planning for next year to be put on payroll and begin quarterly remittances to CRA

“Michelle has been a real game changer for my business. She has streamlined my process, and helped me to finally feel like I am in control of the financial ongoings of my business in a way that I wasn't able to achieve before she came on board. She tells me what I need to know and when I need to know it, and helps me to understand and take charge of the financial elements that had me previously confused or frustrated. Michelle has taken the time to learn how I and my business operate, and adapted to my schedule and processes while still keeping me on track!”

— Nick


Founder of Vital Directives Life

When Rucsandra started working with MLHC, she needed help with setting up a proper bookkeeping system. She wasn’t aware of the different options that were available to her, and as a result, needed support in catching up on her taxes, as well as making adjustments to the way that she was paying herself through her business.


After working with the team at MLHC, Rucsandra…

  • Has her bookkeeping caught up to date and properly set up on Quickbooks

  • Resolved her sales tax registration & is now in compliance with CRA filing requirements

  • Plans ahead to set aside money for HST & tax filings

  • Receives monthly reportings with the main stats on the performance of her business

“Working with MLHC is extremely valuable for me. It transformed my company’s bookkeeping and accounting. The clear process that MLHC/Michelle Herscu have implemented saves me money and precious time, and gives me peace of mind so I can focus on growing my business. I wholeheartedly recommend MLHC.”

— Rucsandra

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