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Money management (minus the headache)

MLHC takes the complexity out of financial management. Our aim is not just to help you understand your finances but to empower you with the confidence to make strategic, growth-oriented decisions.

Every Business Has Different Needs

But a common denominator in scaling success is professional accounting support. MLHC is here for you, whether you’re a solopreneur just starting out or a CEO overseeing multiple teams! With services ranging from detailed monthly bookkeeping to strategic fractional CFO guidance, MLHC has everything you need to grow your business sustainably.

Here’s How Our Process Works

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Fill out the application form below to tell us more about your business! A team member will reach out to get your initial consultation set up.

Step 2: Bookkeeping Essentials

Our monthly bookkeeping package where we do a big initial cleanup of your books and get your numbers in order for monthly maintenance.

Step 3: Fractional CFO

As your business grows, our Fractional CFO package helps you manage the bigger picture of your business’s finances and keep you on track with hitting your financial goals.

Not Sure Which Package is Right For You?

Learn more about what’s included in each package by clicking the links above, or get support from the team at MLHC by filling in the form below!

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