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Is your business outgrowing its operations?

Every business reaches that point where its growth outpaces your ability to keep up with all the moving pieces. While this is a great “problem” to have, it can quickly become a headache when you realize that your business needs additional support in order to continue moving forward, but you’re not sure exactly what that looks like.


Introducing the Fractional CFO Package!

Imagine having someone come in to help you organize your entire back-end operations, and giving you detailed guidance on the “next steps” you need to be taking to grow your business sustainably. This is a role that MLHC can fill — from advising on setting up processes and hiring new staff to managing cash flow and helping you set up your very own finance department. If you’re tired of trying to do all of that by yourself and you’re ready to take your business to the next level, this package is for you!

What's Included

(Everything included in the Accounting Pro Package PLUS…)

Management reporting

Payroll setup & management

Trend analysis

(Alternative Package) Fractional CFO without bookkeeping support for clients with in-house accounting teams

Cash flow planning

Key performance indicators (KPI's)

Project-based profitability assessments


Advanced business planning

x8 virtual meetings / year

How it Works

At the start of our engagement, we will have a conversation about your goals and create a custom roadmap for your business. After that, you will have the opportunity to introduce the key decision makers of your business to the team at MLHC before moving forward with the gradual process of setup and integration following your custom roadmap.


We will meet monthly through virtual meetings, and conduct a review of your overall progress every six months. As your business grows, we will be there to support you every step of the way!

Image by Marissa Grootes

Before You Sign Up for the Fractional CFO Package…

It’s recommended that you have a minimum annual income of $300,000 CAD (before expenses), and have prior experience working with a professional accountant. It is also important that everyone on your team is informed and fully prepared to work together with the team at MLHC. If you are not sure if you fit these requirements, please fill out the following intake form and answer the questions to the best of your ability!

Already Have an In-House Accounting Team?

You may be eligible for the Preferred Fractional CFO Package which offers all of the above services without the bookkeeping to provide you the flexibility of working with your own financial team while receiving dedicated support for business development, improving internal processes & procedures, and making big financial decisions. Fill out the intake form below to apply today and see if you are eligible for this package!

Image by Jason Goodman

Ready to Have Your Operations Simplified?

Click the button below and fill out the intake form to get started!

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