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MLHC takes the job seriously. MLHC is a lot more than just your accounting firm. MLHC is also your business advisor.  Follow the Next Steps to make this partnership a great one.

During your inital consult, you were asked for information. 


Create an occasion in your calendar in the next 48 hours to send in what was asked for.

1. Please fill out the Client Checklist so we can track where you are in the journey.

2. Once your form has been reviewed, we may schedule a call

For more valuable information, sign up for the newsletter below and connect online.

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Set Reminders in your calendar to send in information whether its for your fiscal year end or HST return.


(Fiscal Year End Info needed by the 2nd month following year end.  HST Info needed 30 days before deadline for annual/quarterly returns. For monthly returns info is needed by the 15th of the following month.)

Expect us to call and check in periodically.

Feel free to reach out to us with any finance queries.

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